Research Institutions

Research Institutions

A total of 15 research organizations, three research hospitals and one of the nation’s leading public research universities call Seattle home.

• The University of Washington (UW) is awarded approximately $1 billion in externally funded, peer reviewed research every year, and is second only to Harvard in total National Institutes of Health research funding and second only to Johns Hopkins in total Federal research funding.

• Washington’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, with 2,800 employees, 200 faculty and an annual research budget of over $250 million, is the nation’s premier private research institution and receives more National Cancer Institute funding than any other private research institute.

• The Infectious Disease Research Institute (IDRI), founded in 1993, targets neglected diseases based on their threat to public health and lack of a vaccine diagnostic or effective therapeutic.

• Seattle Children’s Hospital Research Institute.

• Seattle Biomedical Research Institute.

• Gates Foundation.

• Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute.

• Allen Brain Institute.

• Institute for Systems Biology.

• Pacific Northwest Diabetes Institute.

• Benaroya Research Institute.

Global Health

• PATH (Program for Appropriate Technologies for Health) is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

• Seattle Biomedical Research Institute is the nation’s largest private non-profit research organization focused on infectious diseases.

• Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute is the world center for coordinating HIV AIDS vaccine trials.

• UW is a world leader in infectious disease research and has created a Department of Global Health joining faculty from medicine and public health

• The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is working to transform the world of global health and is headquartered in Seattle.

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