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Dec 21
Economic Development Council

Information & Communications Technology Trends and Predictions for 2017

By Economic Development Council
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david-jennings.gifDavid Jennings, Information & Communications Technology Business Development Manager

Washington remains one of the top states for technology, according to the latest State Technology and Science Index (STSI) published by the Milken Institute. Washington climbed one place to fifth in the 2016 STSI. Although it fell from second to eighth in Technology Concentration and Dynamism—dropping out of the top five for the first time—growth in cloud computing and e-commerce services continues to drive impressive payroll and employment in high-tech industries, the highest of any state. However, Washington dropped two spots, to fifth, on the Technology and Science Workforce index, marking the first time since 2012 that the state ranked outside the top three.[i]

Despite the increased competition being felt, 2016 was still a very busy year for Information & Communications Technology (ICT) economic development in the region. Seattle-King County was one of the top destinations for foreign ICT delegations in 2016; the EDC team worked with david-null-space-ict.jpgdelegations representing China, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, Australia, and Canada. The ICT team was also a difference maker in several local wins, including: NullSpaceVR (recruited from New York); Knotis (expansion); BitTitan (retention and expansion); InfoDream (recruited from France); Palantir (recruited from San Francisco); Slope (expansion); Dataweave (expansion). And there are many more in the pipeline for 2017.

Below is a new snap-shot of our ICT sub-clusters and some of the key companies to watch in 2017:

  • Big Data: specialized investments, such as in Speech and NLP Technology, for crowd sourcing and machine learning; Local companies to watch: DefineCrowd, Azuqua, Dato, Textio
  • Consumer Internet/Tools: traditional PC apps and Internet productivity tools; Local companies to watch: Interpred Learning, Payscale, Redfin
  • DevOps-Cloud/Networking+Comm/Security: new private clouds going up, increased emphasis on security; Local companies to watch: Algorithmia, Chef, K2
  • Digital + Social Media/Content: content automation and usage analytics; Local companies to watch: Area360, Mixpo, Peach
  • E-commerce/Mobile Commerce: continued investments in commerce analytics and blockchain technology; Local companies to watch: Amazon, Remitly, LivelyGig
  • Enterprise Business Systems: New enterprise social-sharing systems; Local companies to watch: TinyHR, Apptio
  • Hardware/Robotics: new investments and momentum in 3D printing, and a big push into IoT hardware manufacturing; Local companies to watch: Glowforge, BluHaptics, Impinj
  • Interactive Media/Gaming/AR+VR: early stage investment in new eSport and VR content; Early to market local companies to watch: Unikrn, envelop, PlutoVR
  • Mobile/Internet of Things (IoT): mobile app advertising and payment innovation are hot trends; Local companies to watch: Spare5, Tune, Airbiquity
  • SaaS: SaaS offerings for enterprises (e.g. ERP, CRM); Local companies to watch: Convoy, Raygun

If you’re interested in further IT expansion data or information, please email David Jennings - djennings@edc-seaking.org.